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Identifying Our Own Multiple Intelligences 4. Tips for Introducing MI to Students 5.

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Tips for Identifying MI in Students 6. Learning Something New in Eight Ways 7. Demonstrations of Teaching Eight Ways 9. I actually feel it in my body. Sierra Club, bird study group, hiking group, animal rescue etc. Logic Smartl - How can I bring in numbers, calculations, logic, classifications, or critical thinking?

Picture Smart - How can I use visual aids, visualization, color, art, or metaphor? Music Smart - How can I bring in music or environmental sounds, or set key points in a rhythmic or melodic framework? Body Smart - How can I involve the whole body or the use of hands- on experiences?

Nature Smart - How can I incorporate living things or systems? People Smart - How can I engage students in peer sharing, cooperative learning, or large group simulation? Self Smart - How can I evoke personal feelings or memories, or give students choices? Phonemic Awareness 31 Linguistic - word patterns Logical-Mathematical - Venn diagram Spatial — picture and sound Musical - apples and bananas song Bodily-Kinesthetic - ee and oo gestures Naturalist - bird sounds Interpersonal - ee and oo groups ee and oo sounds Intrapersonal - ee and oo emotionally expressed Self Smart — Share a personal story that includes this word Resources 37 Armstrong, Thomas.

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You're Smarter Than You Think

Taking religion seriously across the curriculum. Paugh, P. Speaking deficit into or out of existence: How language constrains classroom teachers' knowledge about instructing diverse learners.


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Study: Science literacy poor in U. Associated Press. Reed, J.

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    Controversy of Intelligence: Crash Course Psychology #23

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