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He had a private therapeutic practice. He founded the International Academy of Preventative Medicine. He published extensively in prestigious journals. His work appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. He edited the Handbook of General Psychology , a multi-volume encyclopedic series on psychology. Leon applied scientific principles to rank human values and to predict human behavior using his science of values approach. This Renaissance man had multiple interests. He was a consummate student and expert on each. He loved photography and was rarely far from a camera.

He was a beekeeper , appreciated and studied fine art , knew as much as any about birds, wild flowers, and antiques. Over his life, he gathered thousands of books that interested him.

Axiological/axiology (value theory/value science) Atheism? | Damien Marie AtHope

He played board games with his family. He loved a good discussion. He loved ice cream. Reproducibility of Results. Notes Includes bibliographical references p. Electronic reproduction. Palo Alto, Calif. Available via World Wide Web.


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Found at these bookshops Searching - please wait We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. These online bookshops told us they have this item:. Tags What are tags? FDT profiles can be fluid and fleeting or they can be crystalized when associated with more enduring personality states and traits.

FDT rigidity is very self-defeating as seen in the perseverative, formulaic, and binary thinking of borderline patients, and some PTSD patients. These are descriptive not diagnostic terms.

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I use them for impact. This principle refers to dimensional priorities, or what amounts to the order of influence of FDT dimensions and profiles. Mental health builds on the priority and supremacy of the Feeler dimension. This is given by the selective pressures of biosocial and psychosocial evolution. It is normative for Doer and Thinker selves to function within the more global Feeler self.

Feeler bias is the command and control center that mediates pro-self, pro-social behavior. We cannot always live as Feelers. Sometimes wearing our heart on our sleeves may not be best for us. The influence of the Feeler self on the Doer and Thinker selves ebbs and flows in response to situational demands.

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There are individuals in whom the Feeler self is blunted 2o damage , or even fails to develop 1o damage. Both impact mental status.

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This can be measured. This is what separates axiological psychology from old clinical and behavioral psychology. These data have since transformed value theory into a science of values. Entrepreneurs have long marketed the HVP to clients in their business-to-business relations around the world.

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This is accompanied by the success you might expect of those focused on the bottom line. The proprietary nature of their work limited data sharing. My presentations of research findings before annual conferences on the campus of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and publication of The New Science of Axiological Psychology came under no such limitations. In the end, the friendly competition among members of the Hartman Circle has served to advanced axiological science and a new climate of cooperation promises further advances in the future.

Psychologists study behavior and behavior is a manifestation of values and valuations. Values are universal and so values research has broad implications for the social sciences and all human activity.

For one hundred years psychology has studied behavior using the tools of natural or material science. This has yielded insights into the brain but not the mind. Axiological science is mind science. Natural science is brain science. Neuroscience is to brain and molecules, as axiological science is to the mind and values. Psychology gave us psychological testing. The power of values to reveal human psychology exists because of the universality of values that lurk beneath behavior. This appealed to a borderline personality named Adolf Hitler and the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparteior; or Nazi Party It helped them organize evil in a world that knew nothing about organizing good with any scientific precision.

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It appears axiological science exists beyond good and evil and this gives us the opportunity to organize good on a scientific basis so as to combat perpetual efforts by some to organize evil.