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The editors' reflection on each statement and on the sections within the book, provide useful links between themes and reinforce the relationships between many of the ideas.

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This report draws together and reflects on insights from 45 interviews with senior innovation leaders from around the globe. Whether you feel your organisation is at the leading edge, or at the outset of its journey to becoming more innovative, the report, including self-check questions, will provide you with insights and starting points from which to proceed. It also alerts you to the next things to come — so no more excuses to be unprepared for the future. Buy now.

Now available in China. Indeed many corporate leaders recognize the changing nature of business and the acceleration of innovation and creativity that is taking place in their respective industries. However, many tend to delay decision making because of various factors, from a lack of financial resources, to a deficit in technical and management skills, to simply lack of leadership. The net result is the delaying of innovation practices to an undetermined future, putting the company at risk of loss of competitiveness.

Meeting bottom line goals can sometimes conflict with innovation, considering that managers have preset goals to meet or exceed within the context of their business unit or department. Many times, tied to these successes are bonuses and commissions.


In this type of a culture, fostering innovation takes a back seat. Although many of these managers understand the benefits of innovation, they do not feel being part of the solution and consider that taking an innovative approach is not their problem given that there is no direct stake in the process.

Removed from the central business, and with minimal accountability to business partners, agendas can conflict.

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Imagine if you will a scenario where you are the Vice President responsible for sales training. You have insights and enough tribal knowledge to run your business smoothly. Your success at the end of each quarter is measured on how many training events you had and how many of those you trained actually recommend your brand of products and services. Their understanding can be myopic and singular honing to just new products.

As the innovation challenge continues, brands and companies must remind themselves of adoption of innovation strategies could make them lose competitive edge and will force them to be followers rather than leaders. This is true regardless of the sector they play in, even among the most traditional industries. Whether you sell direct to consumers or you sell to businesses — customers are increasingly accustomed to consuming products featuring new technologies and services that are more sophisticated. A company that is not able to face the innovation challenge, risk to become irrelevant.

Complacent companies need to understand the risk of underestimating innovation. The argument in favor of innovation is that organizations need to remain innovative because they do not know when changes will come, what form they will take, or where they may come from.

In fact, companies may not feel that they have a problem today, but by ignoring innovation, they eventually risk of falling behind.


Take for example the large appliance category in which heritage brands like GE, Whirlpool, and Maytag dominated the US market for over sixty years. New technologies emerged; appliances reconfigured, quality improved, new colors introduced, and with these introductions came market acceptance for these new brands, leading to an increasing consumer demand. Retailers that were once loyal partners to the heritage brands reassessed their position and switched loyalties.

In the meantime, the once giants try to regain their positions and grow their brands but have been facing cultural challenges that prevent them from deploying innovation for success. Those who avoid the challenge , while there are many factors that contribute to companies disappearing; those that do not innovate today may not exist in five years. It was not so long ago that Circuit City was one of the top consumer electronics destinations, Sony the electronics brand that consumers aspired to own, and there was a Blockbuster on almost every corner.

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Leading a market today is by no means a guarantee of future successes and companies have to stay on the cutting edge to continue to generate customer value. Waiting for tomorrow to adopt innovation is a contradiction in itself. Innovation is a problem of today and must be rolled out to try to secure the future. Why deny that is your problem?

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Table of contents provided by Syndetics Acknowledgements p. Gauging the sea--understanding where we are p. Rising tides--establishing an urgency p. Fishing where the fish are--the need to focus p. Riding the wave--how to make it happen p. Riding on the crest of the wave--how to stay on top p.

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Endless as the sea--innovation challenges p.