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Internal fights among the Conservatives have wrecked the U.K.—and Labour isn’t much better.

The electorate are less and less convinced by such arguments about party identity and destiny.

In Canada’s Election, a Call to Avoid ‘All-Out War on Unions’

Far underground, the tectonic plates are moving. Teacher supply is in crisis. Recruitment targets are not being met — in some key subjects they are being woefully missed.

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So much of what now appears inevitable could have been very different — at least in the short term. He will work tirelessly to deliver and he will lead.

It could be done easily and if the right safeguards were put in place, it would increase turn out in ballots, while minimising any potential for voting fraud. However, the truth is the government is not interested in increasing the say of working people, they simply want to encroach on workplace democracy.

This is a bid to make it even more difficult for trade unions to set aside a proportion of their funds for political campaigning, on issues like opposing the exploitation of workers by gangmasters. The political funds that allow trade unions to undertake this type of campaigning are already subject, by law, to a vote every 10 years by members, asking if they want to see it continue, while all trade union members have the option to opt-out of the fund if they want.

So an onerous system is already in place to ensure union membership fees are properly used. This government is simply trying tie up democratically-run trade unions in red tape.

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Yet ask them to take action on tackling legal loan sharks or rogue landlords and the response every time is we are anti-bureaucracy. No doubt hoping that a labour movement, bruised by defeat, will be reluctant to fight back.

In response, we must leave no doubt that the Labour Party is strengthened immeasurably by our links to working people. The funding we receive from trade unionists comes from the donations of builders, agricultural workers, cleaners and care workers. This is a stark contrast to the Tory Party, which is bankrolled by hedge funds and oligarchs.

So if the Tories want that debate, I say bring it on. Under Tony Blair the party sought to compete with the Tories by raising millions from wealthy individuals, such as the author JK Rowling.

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In some instances those donations got the party in trouble. When he was prime minister Blair had to apologise after it appeared that one donor, Bernie Ecclestone, had appeared to win favourable treatment for cigarette advertising in Formula 1. A few years later Downing Street was enveloped by the cash-for-peerages saga, which took up years of police time even if it did not lead to any charges.