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However, she discovered there is a broader audience that she could have imagined and worked with Interweave to make sure it was available to more who needed and wanted to learn where to begin. All of these elements have to be thought out by a pattern writer and Kate cheerfully gives helpful advice on things to consider when making decisions. Although, we are all human and knitters can be pretty forgiving, being as professional as possible will go a long way for a designer.

Kate Atherley can be followed through her website, www.

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This was a very informative interview … thank you!!!! It made me think about if I was a designer what would I do? I am a designer for my classes and I can guarantee there are many things that I can learn from Kate. Thanks for another great show. I really enjoyed learning about this book. I think that this book would be great for any library because it really covered everything that you would need to know. This would be a great way to understand the mind of a seasoned designer!

If I were a designer I would design beautiful socks! Loved this podcast — full of such useful information! If I were a designer, I would give knitters handy check boxes to keep track of repeats! Thanks for the wonderful and incredible interview.

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This has inspired me to write down a few of my designs that have been rolling around in my brain. This is going to be a great resource for that. I loved this.

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I really want to get this book. I want to design baby things for my son, stuffed toys and clothing. I think I might need to get this book. If I were a designer I would design garments for warm climates. Sadly it is so hot in Texas I never get to wear my knits nearly as much as I would like.

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I hate poorly written patterns. It does suck the joy out of a project. But the reverse is also true. In stock online. Not available in stores. Writing clear, easy-to-follow knitting patterns is easier than you think!

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In The Beginner's Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns , knitting expert Kate Atherley provides everything you need to know to share your projects with fellow knitters. This one-stop guide includes concrete guidelines with lots of examples on everything from pattern writing basics, to schematics and charts, to handling multiple sizes, establishing a personal style sheet, and more. The book addresses the details of how to create complete, clear and easy-to-use knitting patterns, for any type of design, and for any level of knitter.

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The Beginner's Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns: Learn to Write Patterns Others Can Knit

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Kobo ebook. Create custom knitting patterns to share and sell! You'll also find details on: Pattern structure and elements Formatting and layout How to go from test knitting to a final publication Online platforms, processes, and good business practices An introduction to important copyright laws A basic pattern template and resources are also provided.