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ISSN X. Skip to main content. Search Term. Link to Publisher's Website. Defending the Faith. John Jewel and the Elizabethan Church. Early Modern Studies.

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University Park, PA:. Pennsylvania State University Press. ISBN Tudor kings and queens sought to enhance their authority by presenting themselves to best advantage. The Fighting Tudors by David Loades. Examines great battles of the Tudor reigns, royal propaganda, and an isolated dynasty's struggle for survival.

BBC England's Reformation Three Books That Changed A Nation

A postscript examines verses that circulated under Charles I's name after his execution. From to , this filmography chronicles every known film about the Tudor era, including movies, TV series, documentaries, animated films, and shorts. The history of the Howard family, whose pride and ambition secured only their downfall. Throughout the Tudor Age, the Dudley family was never far from controversy.

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  7. This book charts the scandals and triumphs of the family whose fortunes rose and fell with the royal line. He was a judge at the trials of Fisher, More, and the alleged accomplices of Anne Boleyn. Though born a commoner, by his death he was the senior peer in England. Ashdown is about lesser-known members of the Tudor dynasty. Tells the story of divided families, flamboyant kings and queens, blood feuds, sexual license, and violent deaths.

    Focuses on Richard Rich, who helped send many devout people to their deaths, and John Deane, who navigated the treacherous waters of changing dogma to help others survive.

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    The Closing of the Middle Ages? England, by Richard Britnell. England Under the Tudors by Geoffrey R. Contains almost entries written by experts for a general audience. Tudor England by John Guy is a scholarly look at Tudor society.

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    A study of England between the accession of Edward VI and the death of Elizabeth I, a turbulent period of conflict between warring Catholics and Protestants. The tapestry of Tudor life, including its costumes, travel, food and medicine, sports and pastimes, the stultifying narrowness of peasant life, the intrigues and machinations at the court, and the miseries of the plague. Includes color illustrations. Drawing on her own adventures living in re-created Tudor conditions, the author explains the intimate details of 16th century living.

    Includes recipes, clothing patterns, songs and games from original sources. Covers birth, childhood, education, marriage, old age, and death; houses, villages, towns, and travel, and more. Covers Elizabethan streets, houses and gardens; cooking, housework and shopping; clothes, jewellery and make-up; sex and food; education, etiquette and hobbies; and more. Kinney and Jane A. This revised edition adds new categories and a host of previously overlooked figures, including the women of Elizabeth's privy chamber and the spouses of the peers. Who were the Tudor kings and queens and what did they really look like?

    This book considering the context in which portraits of the Tudors were made, the motivations of sitters and artists, and how the pictures have been transformed over the centuries.

    Interview with Andre Gazal: author of

    Photos illustrate chapters on portraits, arms and armour, heraldry, textiles and jewellery, and more. Focusing on country houses, this book examines natural and man-made landscapes, gatehouses, banqueting houses, and more. Includes over images and a complete gazetteer. A visual reference guide.

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    Excavations of the site in uncovered a large amount of architectural and domestic material. This volume, the second in the series, publishes the domestic finds, including glass, ceramics, coins and tokens, clay pipes, and a wooden pocket sundial. The Quest for Nonsuch by John Dent. The author, chief curator of England's Historic Royal Palaces Agency, discusses Tudor food, manners, recreation and much more.

    Always Reforming and Still Reforming: Why the Reformation is Still Relevant – in All things

    Includes floor plans of palaces. I have this book and it's fantastic. Life in a Tudor Palace by Christopher Gidlow. Take a tour of a courtly palace, encountering the kitchens, the bakery, the laundry, the bedrooms, the gardens and the privvies! Art from the Elizabethan period.

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    Tudor Costume and Fashion by Herbert Norris. A detailed illustrated reference book, pages long. All the King's Cooks by Peter Brears. This book dispels misconceptions about the cooking and eating of meals in Tudor England. Anne Wilson and illustrated by Peter Brears. The Proclamations of the Tudor Kings by R. Analysis of the use, authority and enforcement of proclamations in early Tudor England. Youngs Jr. Investigates the independent prerogative Mary I and Elizabeth I exercised through royal proclamations. Tudor Political Culture edited by Dale Hoak. Essays about royal iconography, funeral symbolism, parliamentary elections, kinship and family at court and in the country, and more.

    Collection of papers about the political, constitutional, and personal problems of the Tudor and Stuart governments. Published in four volumes. From the bloody overthrow of Richard III to the creation of an imperial state under Queen Anne, this collection of documents illustrates England's transition from the medieval to the modern.

    Topics addressed include the dynasty's attempt to bring the north and west under control; the progress of the English Reformation; and the impact of inflation, taxation and enclosure on society. Explores authority and disorder within every level of society: the family, church, parish, law courts, nobility and the monarchy itself.

    Bernard and Steven J. Essays about the government, society and religion, and England's relations with its neighbors. Scholarly exploration of the Tudor monarchs' supremacy over the English church. Three volumes that chronicle the Queen's decision making throughout her reign, together in paperback. Elizabeth's Wars by Paul Hammer.

    War, government, and society in Tudor England, This marked the beginning of an alignment with Muslim powers not again experienced until the modern age. Advice on how to succeed in the corporate world by following Elizabeth's shrewd example.