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New industrial fluoropolymer science and technology

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Bruce E. Andrew E.

Carl G. Paul R. William R. Dolbier Jr. Xiao X. Tools Request permission Export citation Add to favorites Track citation. Letter, No Erratum ," Cell Death and Differentiation , 5 1 p. See paper by the same name. Paper, No Meadow, Ronald E.

Rice, Christine L. Borgman Letter, No Oral History - Interview by Robert V. Williams of Chemical Heritage Foundation on July 29, , p. Full -text. April 30, September , No Russian version as pdf file. EG's response to article by E. July Presentation Unpublished , in Oslo, Norway. June July 2, Reprinted in:Current Contents, 35, p. Naomi Sager's letter appears on p. Translated into Chinese. March 17, Reprinted in:Current Contents 47, p. ACS Miscellaneous Publication. Mayland, H. Article, No: Spanish translation of "Biomedical decision-making: Will hospital libraries keep pace with the information age?

Reprinted in:Current Contents 25, 26, June 23 and 30, EIS, V. Reply to letter by T. Wysocki and R. Wayne Fuqua, about E. Welljams-Dorof article "The impact of fraudulent research on the scientific literature: the Stephen E.

Composites Science and Technology

Breuning case," JAMA , , p. Reprinted in:Current Contents. September p. Reprinted in:Current Contents 14, Apr. Reprinted in:Current Contents 46, Nov. Festschrift, No B4, Neaman Press, Israel Kranzberg, M.


Abstract, No Calne, Collier, H. Reprinted in:Current Contents 17, Sep. Reprinted in:Current Contents, 31, Aug. Translated by Burger, R. Article - Book Review, No Washington, DC. April, Statement Unpublished , No EIS V. Reprinted in:Current Contents, 2, Jan. Book chapter, No Small, H. Reprinted in:2 part essay on Sarton also published in Current Contents , Jun. Reprinted in:Current Contents 6, Feb. Fisher, J. Part 1. Representing Knowledge ," Computer Compacts , 2 1 p.

Book Chapter, No Reprinted ," Journal of Public Health Dentistry , 44 2 p. Excerpted and reprinted from Current Contents 45, p. First appeared as "Journal Citation Studies. Anthropology Journals -- what they cite and what cites them" in CC, 37, Sep. Festschrift for S. Essen: Gesamthochschulbibliothek, 5 p. Reprinted in Essays of an Information Scientist , Vol:6 as a two-part essay.

Part 1 and Part 2 Article, No Reprinted in:EIS V. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Publishers B. Garfield, E "Information services for the pharmaceutical industry: the transition from bibliographism to encyclopedism ," Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference of the Association of Information Officers in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Information Industry Association, Oxford, U.

Article, Proceedings, No Unpublished, No New York: Pergamon, 5 p. Article Unpublished , No The effect that ISI's Citation Index for the arts and humanities is expected to have on future scholarship ," Library Quarterly , 50 1 p.

Measurement Science and Technology, Volume 6, - IOPscience

Raben, J. Amsterdam: North-Holland, p. Cawkell, A. NN, Reprinted in EIS, V. NY, p.

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Chapter 8, in CI Book.