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Examples and illustrations are used extensively to clarify and simplify complex material. Each chapter ends with a set of exercises, ranging from simple questions to thought-provoking assignments.

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Sample solutions for many of the exercises are available on the companion Web site. Armed with a new and deeper understanding, readers are better positioned to make their own contributions to the field and evaluate various approaches to a particular task or problem. This publication is recommended as a textbook for graduate and advanced undergraduate students in computer science and information systems, as well as for professionals involved in workflow and business process management, groupware and teamwork, enterprise application integration, and business-to-business integration.

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Process-Aware Information Systems: Bridging People and Software Through Process Technology 2005

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Procedure and process software

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Due to a high technology developed, PrestaCap can provide credit to SMEs in just three days, by matching them with a wide range of international investors willing to invest in their projects.

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The average age of its team is about 32 years old, its international presence is extended to UK, Italy, Germany, Luxemburg and India. Prospa is one of Australia's leading online small business lender.

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They provide unsecured business loans and finance for small business. They offer a fast and flexible solution to working capital needs, allowing you to concentrate on your job of building your business. Prospa is changing the way small and medium businesses are funded. SocietyOne is Australia's leading Peer-to-Peer lending platform where investors connect with borrowers to get a better deal. They pioneered marketplace lending in Australia by connecting creditworthy borrowers directly with investors.

SocietyOne removes the cost and complexity of the traditional lending process, bringing borrowers and investors a better experience and a better deal.

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