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His current research is on filmic and cultural portraits of machismo in contemporary Russian and Latino cultures during the last twenty years. Michael E. Bell has a Ph.

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He has an M. He has also taught courses in folklore, English, anthropology and American studies at several colleges and universities. Joseph Laycock is an assistant professor of religious studies at Texas State University. His research focuses on new religious movements, religion in America, and religion and popular culture.

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Since , he has been lecturing on the subject of vampires and the novel Dracula through the North Texas area. In recent years, the institute has been located in Santa Barbara, Calif.

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Melton will collaborate with Baylor scholars on a number of different research initiatives within ISR's historical and global studies of religion programs. These include the first census of the American Buddhist and Hindu communities, the major work to occur in , and a demographic study of antebellum African-American congregations, a survey of the spread of Christianity through the century prior to the American Civil War, and a study of Pentecostalism in the Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia and north America.

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Leave a comment Foreign Relations See all channels. Melton is the author of more than fifty books and numerous scholarly articles and papers. He currently resides in Waco, Texas, with his wife Suzie. Since joining ISR, he has been developing a set of joint projects between ISR and the Woodway-based Institute, the initial project being a comprehensive census of the American Buddhist and Hindu communities completed in Since that time he has worked on a church survey of McLennan County where Waco is located and a project on the changing state of the church in China.

An online container list is available. University of California, Santa Barbara.