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Lockwood has co-authored two bestselling developmental math series, as well as numerous derivative math texts and ancillaries. Lockwood's primary interest today is helping developmental math students overcome their challenges in learning math. Intermediate Algebra: An Applied Approach.

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Richard N. Aufmann , Joanne Lockwood. Students are encouraged to be active participants in the classroom and in their own studies as they work through the How To examples and the paired Examples and You Try It problems. The role of active participant is crucial to success. Presenting students with worked examples, and then providing them with the opportunity to immediately work similar problems, helps them build their confidence and eventually master the concepts. To this point, simplicity plays a key factor in the organization of this edition, as in all other editions. All lessons, exercise sets, tests, and supplements are organized around a carefully-constructed hierarchy of objectives.

This objective-based approach not only serves the needs of students, in terms of helping them to clearly organize their thoughts around the content, but instructors as well, as they work to design syllabi, lesson plans, and other administrative documents. The Eighth Edition features a new design, enhancing the Aufmann Interactive Method and the organization of the text around objectives, making the pages easier for both students and instructors to follow.

Intermediate Algebra Concepts and Applications 8th Edition

Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version. FirstDegree Equations and Inequalities.

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Linear Functions and Inequalities in Two Variables. Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities.

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Rational Expressions. Most questions from this textbook are available in WebAssign.

The online questions are identical to the textbook questions except for minor wording changes necessary for Web use. Whenever possible, variables, numbers, or words have been randomized so that each student receives a unique version of the question. This list is updated nightly. Intermediate Algebra: An Applied Approach 8th edition. Learn More eBook Your students can pay an additional fee for access to an online version of the textbook that might contain additional interactive features.

Intermediate Algebra: An Applied Approach - Richard N. Aufmann, Joanne Lockwood - Google книги

Personal Study Plan Module Your students can use chapter and section assessments to gauge their mastery of the material and generate individualized study plans that include various online, interactive multimedia resources. Lifetime of Edition LOE Your students are allowed unlimited access to WebAssign courses that use this edition of the textbook at no additional cost.

Textbook Resources Additional instructional and learning resources are available with the textbook, and might include testbanks, slide presentations, online simulations, videos, and documents. Terms of Use. Terms of Use Access is contingent on use of this textbook in the instructor's classroom. Student Pricing. Table of Contents.


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