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Could be an upsetting but also head-shakingly funny documentary. I've read many books on the financial crisis and so far, this one has been the most interesting. This is classic Matt Taibbi. He is not afraid to use blunt, honest, language. Such as calling the individuals who nearly caused another Great Depression a variety of terms never heard from journalists or the pundit class except when attempting to smear members of the other political party.

Having read other books on the recent financial crisis e.

A Terrifying True Story of the Decline of the American Empire

But listening to Matt's account I found myself occasionally sounding like a sufferer of Tourette syndrome as I learned new details about how the amoral, greedy, stupid "masters of the universe" at AIG, GoldmanSachs, et. Buy a copy for yourself and another for your Tea Bagger family member or friend. I've read some Taibbi - and he's a frustrating read.

Taibbi does a great job of decoding some bank "definitions" and moves. In other words, Taibbi has strong and ultimately interesting - but he is slippery where fact meets opinion. What a relief from the glut if taking the banking establishment too seriously.

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Is he right about Ayn Rand and objectivism? He made me think - which is what one gets in only the best of books. Would you ever listen to anything by Matt Taibbi again? Probably not. I've enjoyed his articles, but this novel was more like a poorly written op-ed by a student protester than a well thought out product of research.

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What reaction did this book spark in you? Anger, sadness, disappointment?

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Disappointment - it's an important topic, and we need a balanced, objective debate. Instead, Taibbi presents his readers with weak arguments and silly anecdotes. As someone that generally agrees with the thesis, I'm worried that "my side" of the argument is now being watered down with idiots using books like this as their sole source of information.

This book is brilliant. Matt Taibbi's rants directred toward Alan Greenspan was one of my favorite sections of the book. The further you go in this book, the more it reminds me of a well staged horror film. You're terrified by the greedy hacks that control our economic and social life, but you can't turn away, you're forced to listen to the unraveling of a once great nation. But don't get me wrong, this is a very funny book and anyone who's interested in the meltdown should read this. Essential listening for anyone who really wants to know who and what caused the financial crisis of Lifts the lid on who really runs the show in the US clue - its not the Government and why they continue to get away with it.

In each chapter he focuses on one of the different ways in which the American public are ripped off by their friends on Wall St. He doesn't come up with solutions to the underlying problems of corrupted, ineffective democracy. But to be fair to him he doesn't set out to do so. Reporting the world as it is, is a most valuable service in itself. Your audiobook is waiting….

By: Matt Taibbi. Narrated by: Patrick Egan. Length: 11 hrs and 55 mins.

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Categories: Nonfiction , Economics. People who bought this also bought Publisher's Summary The dramatic story behind the most audacious power grab in American history. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Jerome News In America While some people will take issue with the first chapter; I think Taibbi hits on something I've suspected for some time now.

Amazon Customer Mike He had a lot justified criticism of the media for the tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill while there are actual mountains that need to be dealt with. My favorite quote: "We no longer have the attention span to deal with any twenty-first century crisis. We live in an economy that is immensely complex and we are completely at the mercy of the small group of people who understand it - who incidentally often happen to be the same people who built these wildly complex economic systems.

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We have to trust these people to do the right thing, but we can't, because, well, they're scum. Which is kind of a big problem, when you think about it. I did have a couple of bones to pick: I thought that Mr. Taibbi picks an unnecessary fight with conservatives of the Tea Party persuasion I believe he used the sophmoric term "teabaggers" twice.

I know plenty of conservative, Christian "teabaggers" and I think he keeps a potential ally at arms length with the immature digs. Along those lines he insists that Tea Pary principles like taking the U.

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Constitution seriously are too out of date to deal with 21st century problems. However, I think any Tea Partier would admit that the commerce clause certainly gives the federal government the right and responsiblilty of regulating the financial services industry. He excoriates Ayn Rand and seemingly anyone who has appreciated anything she ever wrote by concentrating on superficial aspects of her work her characters give long monologues, she was a weirdo, the novels are unrealistic, etc. The illegal profiteering that lead to several destructive investment schemes are well articulated here and should provide a strong understanding as to what markets are doing and why.

I am a soldier of over two decades and have been troubled, yet enlightened by explanations provided in this book. I bought it after stumbling across an interview with the author and was pleased to see his engaging style come across well in his writing. Customer Reviews See All. Listeners Also Bought See All. Insane Clown President Unabridged. Death of the Liberal Class.