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This pocket guide will help businesses to address the most important issues.

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Its comprehensive approach covers both the technical and the managerial aspects of the subject, offering valuable insights for IT professionals, managers and executives, as well as for individual users of e-mail. The pocket guide covers the various types of threat to which e-mail may expose your organisation, and offers advice on how to counter social engineering by raising staff awareness.

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The client is the computer programme that manages the user's e-mail. Malicious e-mails often operate through attachment files that infect computer systems with malware when downloaded.

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This pocket guide explains how you can enhance your information security by configuring the e-mail client to block attachments or to limit their size. What kind of information should you include in an e-mail?

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How do you know that the e-mail will not be intercepted by a third party after you have sent it? This guide looks at countermeasures you can take to ensure that your e-mails only reach the intended recipient, and how to preserve confidentiality through the use of encryption. Crude jokes, obscene language or sexist remarks will have an adverse effect on your organisation's reputation when they are found in e-mails sent out by your employees from their work account.

This pocket guide offers advice on how to create an acceptable use policy to ensure that employee use of e-mail in the workplace does not end up embarrassing your organisation. The pocket guide provides a concise reference to the main security issues affecting those that deploy and use e-mail to support their organisations, considering e-mail in terms of its significance in a business context, and focusing upon why effective security policy and safeguards are crucial in ensuring the viability of business operations.

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    Email Security Guide: 3 easy steps to keep your emails safe from hackers.

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    see url Book Description A concise and practical guide to mobile security This pocket guide gives you clear and reliable guidance on how to protect the information contained in your mobile phone. The key themes tackled in this pocket guide are: The importance of mobile technologies Physical threats in the outside world Dealing with network connectivity Authenticating the user Mechanisms for protecting mobile data Attacks facing mobile devices and users The potential limitations of mobile security features.

    Safeguard sensitive information A simple way to protect the information on a mobile in the event of loss or theft is to use password protection.