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This story is a nice idea, but just doesn't really work at times. Whilst sometimes unheard of adventures can be a big plus The Time War, for instance, is only ever talked of, not seen , this is just painful.

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Bring back Steve Parkhouse! This collection of comic-strips is much better than I had thought it would be I really do love Frobisher the penguin! By Mark Michalowski. Wetworld suffers from two contrasting story-lines. One is a realistic aproach on humanity's race across the universe.

Code of the Krillitanes

The other is about super-smart otters. These contrasts don't really work together, and when poorly moulded, it slows down the story. Also, the Doctor and Martha are in strange moods. At times they are slightly out of character. The characters are hard to feel for, too. This isn't the worst story out there. But it is certainly not the best.

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By Stephen Cole. The Zygons are a very popular Doctor Who alien, despite only staring in one episode. Even David Tennant loves them. Now they're back, in When this fun story gets going, it never stops! This is action-packed and gripping stuff. Unlike 'Winner Takes All', this book's young hero is likeable and realistic.

The Zygons steal every scene they're in Though they sadly don't have so many, their pet Skarasen taking up most of the book. One thing that makes the Zygons so memorable is their ability to shape change. It means the story is full of characters being revealed as Zygons, or people just being paranoid. The reason this book doesn't get full marks is that it doesn't quite match-up to it's brother 'Terror of the Zygons'.

It's still a good, fun read, though. By Terrance Dicks. The thing with Quick-Read books is that they can never completely flesh out it's characters. That means that author Terrance Dicks can focus more an the story: a group of Cyber Men that weren't sucked into the Void are now stealing high-tech equipment.

Good for younger fans and people starting to read, but those of you looking for a more meaty story should stick to BBC Books. You must have seen the Movie to understand everything. The Doctor and Izzy have some good dialogue together, and the story is clever. The ending has a shocking twist! Unnatural Born Killers: Meet Kroton: a Cyberman with a difference: this one has a heart and soul, and uses his powers for good.

Here, Kroton battles a group of Sontarans, in this Doctor-less story. Very cool. Izzy bonds with Samurai Katsura Sato, whilst the Doctor tries to work out what all the strange creatures terrorising the land are Naturally, the Doctor first assumes Kroton is just like any other evil, emotionless Cyberman.

The story is lacking in places, but that dooesn't stop this being another very strong comic-strip. Who's behind this, though? There are twists aplenty, here, and the story is very, very strong, well worthy of TV It would have cost a lot, though!

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Very good. The Autonomy Bug: This dark ish story sees the Doctor and Izzy are at a mental asylum for robots, who think they are robots. Very nice with some interesting concepts, you'll have fun reading this story. Very fun, with some great art-work! TV Action!

There's also a cameo from a familiar face See 'The Iron Legion' for his first story.

Code of the Krillitanes

The ending is great, and this is another funny story you'll enjoy. Written by Alan Barnes. The story is a bit dated now, and Kroton is boring here. Still worth reading if you like Kroton. As usual, this is an interesting feature worth reading. Anyone who enjoys DW will enjoy this.

You can pick it up cheap now, so if you don't read this, you're missing out! This audio-series is made up of four 60 minute stories: Innocence, Purity, Corruption and Guilt, each staring the superb Davros. Voiced by Terry Molloy, Davros is called by the Daleks to help them conquer the universe. He is ashamed of how weak they are now. Davros tells them of his past, and how they were created Part One, Innocence, sees a sixteen year old Davros Voiced by Rory Jennings , introduces us to Davros' family: his Father is a typical army-grunt, whom his daughter, Yarvell, looks up to.

Calcula, Davros and Yarvell's Mother, is only interested in her son, not her daughter. Davros' Father, however, sees potential in Yarvell though, who, unlike Davros, longs to be a soldier like him, as she believes that is the best solution to the war. But Davros believes the answer lies in science Part Two, Purity, sees Davros nearing his thitiest birthday, and grounds in the idea of just how evil and heartless this man is.

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  6. This really is a chilling story. Part Three, Corruption, is set soon after Purity, and throughout the story we see hints of what Skaro will become, once Davros Not yet disabled gets his ways This is my favourite story, and Terry Molloy is in fine form as Davros here. Well, if you're not a fan of Davros, then you won't really enjoy these stories. However, if, like me, you love Davros, then you'll love this, that's for sure. By Mike Tucker. This is another abridged audio version a Doctor Who book. However, this is read by Anthony Head. This story is set in Wales, and Head provides some realistic accents.

    There's also plenty of monsters abound, which Head does not let down on, either. Yet this audio lacks the thrill that Tennant adds to it, and the story doesn't have much depth.

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    This is the abridged audio version of Justin Richards' book. You can't take this story seriously.

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    It's completely bonkers!