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Tangmere first became prominent in the s and s for the Des Curtis was one of the founder members of Squadron. The operation, code named Operation Servant, was given top security classification, to Formed within days of the illustrious In many others, it was only just beginning. Having survived the trauma of action against, and capture by, the enemy, some as far back as , they came from France, the Low Countries, This book is firstly a testament to those of many nationalities who found themselves imprisoned at Toggle navigation.

New to eBooks. Grub Street Publishing. Filter Results. Last 30 days. Last 90 days. Edward Thring was a well known nineteenth century headmaster and for thirty-four years was head of Uppingham School which he developed from a small grammar school to a significant public school. No establishment man he, as he fought prejudice and ignorance and developed a broad curriculum and child — centred teaching methods through two influential books.

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Later in life he became deeply interested in educational opportunities for women. One for Michael Gove and Tristram Hunt. Yet until , no British woman could officially represent her nation abroad, and the prejudices of Whitehall and the Foreign Office were reflected in many other countries. The role of a British settlers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, colonial governors and slaves, and the part they played in establishing a dominance in the West Indies and enriching the United Kingdom was graphically told by Matthew Parker in The Sugar Barons Family, Corruption, Empire and War The international conference held at Bretton Woods in July and hosted by the USA saw them establish a new financial order which lasted for over thirty years.

Along with other villages they sheltered and helped Jews, communists and resisters during the Nazi occupation. There were those who collaborated and supported Vichy but the majority did not. British foreign policy is haunted by the legacy of appeasement, and how its interpretation and implementation in the interwar period tainted it forever as a method of diplomacy. British military operations since the end of the Cold war have spanned the full spectrum of military commitments from the limited ones such as Sierra Leone and Libya to intense and drawn out campaigns like Iraq and Afghanistan.

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The political and strategic aspects are addressed and should be one for the members of the Foreign Affairs and Defence Select Committees. The author Mike Martin was a TA officer and a Pashto speaker who interviewed dozens of Helmandis to get a different perspective of the conflict in Afghanistan. Media reports and rumours around the Whitehall bazaars claimed the MOD was not best pleased with his account. Government, like many professions and businesses, is susceptible to kicking difficult problems into the long grass.

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The former Labour Cabinet Minister Charles Charke, experienced government under Blair and has been fascinated by the habit of Whitehall to prevaricate and avoid taking difficult decisions. Proactive and stimulating as an editor, Charles Clarke shows what a loss he is to the political world.

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With the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War upon us the reader is spoilt for choice with an avalanche of books covering every aspect. This summer is a good time to catch up not least because of instability in so many areas of the world.

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In this magisterial account the author argues that to understand how and why Europe descended into world war one must recognise the near collective failure of statecraft and diplomacy by the political leaders and diplomats of Europe. The role of the public schools in nurturing a cultural and military atmosphere of leadership provided a source of thousands of young men who served mainly as officers in the First World War. A lot of popular history was written at the time and more recently looking at the casualties suffered by sportsmen.

Thank goodness for political diaries and letters, especially in the period before there were official cabinet minutes.

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That evening, continuing his letter to his parents, he wrote: I heard a confused dull buzz as of very angry bees somewhere near. Then I saw what it was, Arabs breaking stones against the windows of the houses Soon they began using guns and at least three grenades were thrown. I had suggested telephoning for the police, which was done.

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At last they arrived The British Police fired a volley, and the place was soon clear. But it was not pleasant to have to stand there and watch savages break the windows of innocent old women Meanwhile [Royal Air Force] aeroplanes have been flying over the city. Read preview Overview.

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