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Deploying Ruby Applications and Libraries. Advanced Ruby Features. Ruby and the Internet. Networking, Sockets, and Daemons Useful Ruby Libraries Appendix A. Useful Resources. Peter Cooper is an experienced Ruby developer, trainer, and publisher who runs Ruby Inside, the most popular blog in the Ruby and Rails worlds, with 18, subscribers. He also curates RubyFlow, a popular Ruby community link blog. Over the past few years he has developed, launched, and sold two startups Feed Digest and Code Snippets , both powered by Ruby and Rails.

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Examples are clear, and accompanied by ample explanations. The book also assists readers by making them aware of the more advanced aspects of the language and its facilities.

Summing Up: Highly recommended. All readers. Email Address. Please enter the letters displayed. Think of this book like a tour through the Ruby landscape. For a super cheap and pretty short intro to the Ruby language this book is a nice choice without denting your credit card.

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Learn Ruby in 24 Hours or Less by Robert Dwight is one of the newest books in this list and also one of the shortest. It totals pages with chapters on various fundamentals of programming like classes, objects, loops, and inheritance. This is fully up to date with the newest version of Ruby 2. Because the book is so short it really only works to whet your appetite into this language.

Intro To Ruby Programming is very clean and straightforward. Each chapter introduces a new topic along with plenty of examples and clear explanations of the code. Currently in its 4th edition this massive resource is just what the beginning programmer needs by their side while venturing into the wild world of Ruby. If you have any serious interest in Ruby for web development then this book is an excellent place to start.

Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby takes you through the process of an object-oriented workflow. Each chapter helps to further your knowledge of objects, classes, and code organization to make your code readable and optimized. Complete beginners can benefit a lot from these lessons along with more semi-experienced coders who want to touch up their OOP knowledge.

Thankfully this page guide is an excellent starting point and the lessons are more than practical. It does help if you already have experience building Ruby apps so I consider this more as an intermediate-level book. Here is yet another book aimed at intermediate devs and I think this one can bring a semi-decent programmer to the top of their game.

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Effective Ruby: 48 Specific Ways to Write Better Ruby assumes you already know a decent amount about Ruby, but you may not know how to properly organize your code. Professional programmers who work in teams can often ask lead coders how to structure their projects.

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So a book like this is truly valuable for newer coders because the tips and techniques apply to all professional projects. Chapters are split into different topics like exceptions, metaprogramming , and testing. You can dive into any section you want or skip around to different lessons that interest you.

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Learn Game Programming with Ruby is a fairly short yet oh-so-detailed guide on the process of building games on Ruby. The author Mark Sobkowicz takes you through many different libraries for adding sound FX, animation, and 2D graphics for any type of game. Just note you really need to understand the fundamentals of Ruby before you can move onto this book.

Design Patterns in Ruby looks into the unique qualities of Ruby showing how to best design applications that work.

The author talks about algorithms, class structures, iterators, and how to observe patterns by studying other codebases. You should already understand some OOP and have practical experience building object-oriented applications before reading this book. The goal of this book is to help improve your code and set you up to see design patterns everywhere. This can include API work or people developing huge social networking websites. Gathering user data is one thing, but organizing it and sorting for patterns is a whole different concept.

Rob explains the importance of gathering data properly via database calls, API work, or just scraping raw websites and organizing the data. These techniques are extremely powerful and you can use them in so many ways. Learn Ruby the Hard Way comes with 52 pristine exercises for teaching the fundamental principles of proper Ruby programming.

Early chapters start from the basics of installing Ruby and running a simple hello, world application. With pages this is not a huge book so it should not feel intimidating to anyone. But it does force you to take action which is ultimately the only way to truly learn anything. Once you get past the basics you may want to learn a bit more about how Ruby functions.