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Print recipe Method. Each salmon fillet will have its own bed of citrus. Season each fillet with salt and pepper then place each salmon fillet over the 2 slices of lemon and orange. In a small bowl mix the dill, sun-dried tomatoes and tomato oil.

Divide mixture on top of the salmon fillet, then drizzle with the wine. Place the baking dish in the oven and cook for 8 to 10 mins. Rule the Kitchen with More Recipe Faves. Baked salmon with blackberry ginger glaze. Stuffed Baked Salmon. Salmon potato hash. Roasted salmon with creamed leeks. Get Dessert Inspiration Dessert Recipes. Classic Vanilla Cake. Join 1 Million. I love orange chicken I added a jalapeno to spice it up a bit I added the entire oj z because I was skeptical of the 6oz when I saw it in the crockpot.

Cranberry-Orange Tea Ring

Big mistake Stick with the recipe exactly. I did however, use pork instead of chicken September 15, at AM. My DH is gonna be so happy when I tell him about this. That is his favorite takeout meal along with General Tso's chicken. Thanks so much for posting this up for us to try!

September 15, at PM. My goodness this looks amazing! My family will be so happy I finally broke down and bought some frozen orange chicken, but the cost is big for such small portions and I don't even want to know what they make it from! This one's definitely going in the rotation! Thanks for test-driving it.

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I look forward to trying it myself. And I can't wait for your book Christmas in October!!! I made it the easy cheaters way with frozen foods I had stashed. Breaded chicken nuggets 20 , stirfry veg 2 cups. Not only did it taste really good, but I have leftover "stayin. September 16, at AM. I want to make this tonight but just realized I have no balsalmic vinegar.

Does anyone know of any good subsitutes? I do have red wine vinegar. September 16, at PM. You can use any vinegar for any other, with just slight taste variances. Quite delicious!

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I also attempted and successfully made Brown Rice in the crock pot today. I did heat the broth first you could use water , and then stirred in the rice, let it cook on high about 2 hours, came to check on it, and it was perfect fluffy brown rice. For measurements, I used 1 quart of Thai curry broth, 2 15 oz. I then stirred in a 1 12 oz. In 2 hours, it was perfect brown rice. It could not have been easier. You could use all water for the broth in the rice.

It would take about 9 cups of water for that package of brown rice, and don't forget to toss in a bit of salt. I purposely made extras pf the rice to go in DH's lunch For his lunch, I smear a large tortilla with refried beans, sprinkle on a bit of rice, sprinkle on some grated cheese, add a frozen taco stick, and wrap it all up, using wax paper to put around the burrito. With the wax paper, DH can then microwave his treat at work, and re-heat if he gets too buy to eat right then!

Oh, I didn't have any oj, nor balsamic vinegar. So, I instead used frozen lemonade, and apple cider vinegar. Worked well! September 17, at AM.

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GA Mom, Thank you so much for figuring out the math on the brown rice! Rice freezes so well, too.

This is wonderful. I'm excited to test it out. I made this last night. It was starting to burn, so I tried the foil trick and that seemed to help. My husband even liked the burned part. Ok I tried this and it smelled amazing when I was mixing it, but then it burned beyond the point where we could even eat it. I have a regular old, white Rival crockpot and left it on low for 5 hours when I found it burned. I have this problem a low with this crock pot. Is there something I can do to help it not burn?

Unless something has a lot of liquid in it, it always burns in my crockpot. Help please! I think your slow cooker is too big for the amount of food you routinely put in it. That's okay, you just need to put down a layer of foil near the food to trap in steam or moisture, or insert an oven-safe dish into the crock to create a smaller cooking vessel. Here are two articles that will be of some help: Help!

Orange Flummery | Orange Recipes

My Slow Cooker Cooks too Fast! It is in my crockpot now! I can NOT wait to taste it!! I will post an update after it is done!!! September 17, at PM. I put red pepper flakes into the flour so the heat wasn't too concentrated and.. I will def. Got a big thumbs up from my husband.